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What Episode Does Ichigo Fight Ulquiorra?
There is one thing that we should always know about Bleach, and it is that this series doesn’t know how to pull any punches. The fights in Bleach have always been exceptionally well made, they last long and each fight […]
What Episode is Saitama VS Genos?
Ah yes, the shenanigans of the popular One Punch Man have indeed been the highlight of some of us’ anime favoritism. How could we not fall in love with a superhero who is literally tired of being a superhero, but […]
Younger Toguro 100 Percent
When Does Younger Toguro Go 100 Percent?
One thing about Yu Yu Hakusho that can never be understated is the sheer quality of action that this series has managed to accumulate over the years. Every single battle in this series is of top-notch quality, and what makes […]
Madara White Naruto
What Episode Does Guy Fight Madara?
What could ever outdo some of the absolute most classic moments from Naruto Shippuden, especially ones that include Madara?! Madara was hands down one of the best villains in the series; all of his arcs blew our minds and played […]
Doflamingo One Piece
Which Episode Does Luffy Fight Doflamingo In?
What praises can we say about One Piece that haven’t already been said, the series has been going on for more than two decades at this point and has millions of fans in every single corner of the world. It […]
Rock Lee V Gaara
What Episode Does Rock Lee Fight Gaara?
Naruto is a series that depends entirely on high octane moments in between the somber scenarios. These high octane moments are to live for though, there is hardly anything else that is as thrilling as watching Naruto fight Sasuke, or […]
What Episode Does Ichigo Fight Aizen?
What Episode Does Ichigo Fight Aizen?
Let’s be honest, there is quite nothing like the battles we could end up finding in Bleach. Every single character in Bleach is cooler than the last, however none come close to the level of writing quality that Ichigo and […]
What Episode Was All Might VS All For One?
What Episode Was All Might VS All For One?
My Hero Academia has always had this incredible ability to surprise their fans. The series consistently manages to bring things to the table that no one would have expected, just like the final battle between All Might and All For […]
Naruto Mom
What Episode Does Naruto Meet His Mom?
Let’s be completely honest; Naruto is a huge series with a ton of content to get through. However, despite all of the filler episodes, arcs and characters; there are some moments in the series that we just cannot forget. One […]
What Episode Does Gon Fight Pitou?
What Episode Does Gon Fight Pitou?
Hunter X Hunter is a series with a catalogue of memorable moments, while being a pretty long anime. This anime lasted for a while, going so far as to have a total of one hundred and forty eight episodes overall. […]