How old is captain levi

How old is Levi?

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With Attack on Titan’s final season commencing its first part and only the last stretch remaining; everyone’s been living, breathing and sleeping AoT.

This new season was such a mind-blowing change from its predecessors, that I honestly had no idea what to expect going forward.

Everything is so intense, and made with so much passion that I personally cannot believe that something of this calibre could even be made before I watched this.

It’s better than anything that I personally have seen in anime, and Levi was a huge part of why.

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Levi’s Age In Attack On Titan (Seasons 1 – 4)

Levi is one of those characters that truly deserve the spotlight; this is mainly due to how mature his reactions, mannerisms and his strength level are developed.

Though his exact age is unknown, just like most of the other characters in Attack on Titan; Levi is definitely in his early thirties at the end of the first three seasons.

Honestly, despite the lack of evidence you can tell even in the starting season, he shows the maturity of someone at least in their early thirties.

When we add the final season (Season 4) into this equation however, he’s probably around the ages of 35 to 38 where the series is so far.

This age is further supported by how mature and strong his character is.

Why does Levi look so young if he’s in his thirties?

From living in the underground district, to having no family to take care of him and being malnourished; Levi has seen it all.

Most people think that he is quite young because of his height and his looks; however most people should be aware that he lived in the underground district his whole life.

He grew up without having much food, being a malnourished and starving little child.

His body lacked the proper amount of food, hydration and even sunlight (due to being underground) that he ended up remaining short, weak looking and pale.

This lack of nutrition, energy and care is why his body is didn’t develop through his teenage years, and the primary reason why he looks so young and small.

Despite the looks, Levi is Mature.

Now that you know that Levi looks that young because he wasn’t exposed to damaging radiation of sunrays in the Underground.

He’s a very clean person, despite the fact that he’s always either covered in the blood of titans or the blood of his enemies.

However, Levi’s most mature decisions are what shape the series a lot of the time.

Doing a beat down on Eren, just so he could save him from death at the start during the court hearing.

Understanding that Erwin’s final march needed to be his final march because of how hard the deaths of his soldiers weighed on him each day, so he let Erwin pass in peace.

Even Levi’s decisions to rescue Eren from Marley, and to keep Zeke away from him was a smart one. Levi’s maturity as both a tactician and an emotionally resonant person are often times quite loveable and relatable.

Hence he is definitely a person in his thirties, the wisdom and the maturity speaks for itself.

That’s all the relevant, spoiler-free information that you need to know about Levi Ackermann from Attack on Titan’s age!