Is Eren the strongest titan?

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From the little talent-less and ambitious boy aiming to slaughter all the titans to a manipulative mastermind wielding the power of multiple titans, Erens’s character development was a treat to watch.

However, as Shonen fans, we can’t help but wonder if he’s the strongest titan capable of defeating all the other Titan Shifters or not.

The answer to the question “is eren the strongest titan” is simply “yes”. Eren has the “Warhammer titan”, “Attack titan” and the “Founding Titan” making him the strongest titan shifter.
Eren has a strong desire to achieve freedom and is willing to go to any heights to achieve it.

On top of that, he has splendid fighting skills and a manipulative mind making him a deadly foe.

The Warhammer titan gives Eren the power to manipulate his titan flesh to form any weapon. However, the main reason he’s the undisputed strongest titan, is because the founding gives him the ability to control all the titans.

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Erens remarkable abilities without his titan powers

“Is Eren the strongest titan”, without a shadow of a doubt, yes. However, that doesn’t mean he lagged behind in skills a normal human being.

He had a goal to join the survey corps and became a soldier very early on, and finished fifth in his class.

Finishing fifth in his class means he was one of the top users of omnidirectional mobility gear and had great hand-to-hand combat abilities.

His hand-to-hand combat skill becomes extremely useful when he has to fight off his enemies in titan form.

How Eren became the strongest Titan

How Eren became the strongest titan is the next question that would come to any ones mind after getting the answer to the question is Eren the strongest Titan”.

His father gave him the power of the Founding Titan and the attack titan when the first wall, Wall Maria fell. However, he was never aware that he wielded such power because of the memory loss that was caused by the titan injection.

Initially, he learned how to harness the power of “Attack titan” and later on realized that he possessed the power of the “founding titan” as well, giving him the power to control the subject of Ymir and make any normal titan do as he wills.

Eventually, he goes head-to-head in a fight with the War Hammer Titan and defeating him to obtain its powers as well.

A man with both brains and not just brawns

Eren is definitely the strongest titan. However, that’s no the prime reason his enemies fear him so much.

Even though Eren started off as a plain-minded Shonen protagonist who just wanted to kill the titans, after a few seasons his ideology changed as he matured.

As he came to learn more and more about the titans, he also became smarter and started to rely more on strategic approaches rather than just blind anger.

All the above-metioned attributes are the reason why both “Attack on Titan” and Eren have such a huge fandom. That should wrap up the question “Is Eren the strongest titan?”