Eren Titan

Who is the main character of Attack on Titan?

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The story of Attack on titan revolves around three main characters, who are childhood friends. They are “Eren”, “Mikasa” and “Armin”.

Their main goal is to defeat the titans who prey on humanity and make the human race seem like powerless livestock.

Now I know what you’re going to ask, “who is the main character of the attack on titan amongst these three?” well that would be Eren. His full name is Eren Yeager.

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Eren Yeager, the most controversial shonen protagonist.

After answering the question “who is the main character of Attack on titan?” we have to wonder why he was given that key role?

Its common knowledge that Attack on Titan falls under the Shonen demographic category. Usually, the protagonists of the Shonen anime are bright, ambitious, and funny.

Whereas it’s very clear early on that Eren is ambitious, he isn’t funny or bright in the slightest. This already set him apart from a wide variety of Shonen protagonists out there.

However, his early on traits that set him apart aren’t even the best thing about him as a character.

What’s even more intriguing is his development throughout the show, as he starts off with a simple goal of overcoming the titan race, but as he learns more and more about them he goes from a cocky and ambitious boy to a mature and tactical leader.

Any character with such great development deserves to be the spotlight of the show, and it’s good to see the best of attack on titan as the protagonist.

Eren’s ambition.

Now, it’s pretty clear that Eren wishes to destroy the Titans with his power, but that’s not the best thing about his ambition. Another question that’s interesting to ask is, why he wishes to destroy the titans?

To start off with, in the world of Attack on Titan the entire human race lives inside large walls. Going outside them is asking for death as that is where the titans reside.

We see a lot of changes in Eren Yeager throughout the show. However, his yearning for freedom remains constant throughout.

I guess some things really never change, and since it’s a trait the whole fandom loves, no one is complaining.

Erens transition into an anti-hero:

As Eren learns more and more about the titans, he begins to understand that there are greater things at play. He soon starts to form an “anti-hero” mindset.

In other words, he becomes willing to do immoral acts to obtain his definition of justice.

This isn’t a typical trait for a normal shonen protagonist, which is what makes Attack on titan so bold and unique.

This should give you a good idea of who is the protagonist of Attack on titan.