What Episode Does Luffy Use Gear Fourth?

What Episode Does Luffy Use Gear Fourth?

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There is one thing about One Piece that most people are aware of, and that is the Gomu Gomu no Mi, also known as the Gear Fourth Techniques.

Now, since One Piece has been running for more than two decades now, everyone is aware of the Gear Fourth.

However, some people still wonder when he actually used it for the very first time.

So, in this article we will talk about when Luffy used the Gear Fourth technique for the very first time.

We will also explain what the Gear Fourth is and how it affects Luffy. So, without further ado; let’s get right into the article!

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What Episode Does He Use the Gear Fourth in?

The very first time that we see Luffy using his popular Gear Forth form, is during One Piece’s episode number seven hundred and twenty six (726).

The episode is famously titled “Gear Fourth! The Phenomenal Boundman!”

It is one of the most popular One Piece episodes to ever air, it also signified Luffy as one of the strongest pirate legends to ever exist in the show.

How Does Luffy Use it for the First Time?

To activate the Gear Fourth, Luffy throws off his sandals and starts manifesting power; he activates the Gear Fourth and quickly sees changes happening within his body structure.

His upper body changes first, with a ballooned up torso which gains tribal tattooed markings all over it, his arms get covered with hardening from the Busoshoku Haki. The Gear Fourth is known as Boundman, he becomes so inflated that he consistently bounces.

Doflamingo begins laughing at how comedic Luffy’s Gear Fourth looks; However, Luffy punches him right after and sends him flying through the town and straight into the bell tower.

The battle goes on as Luffy keeps sending Doflamingo flying through the town streets, unable to match the power of the Boundman!

What is the Gear Fourth?

The Gear Fourth technique was originally developed by Luffy while he was busy training on Rusukaina. While in his Gear Fourth or ‘Boundman’ form, Luffy uses his Busoshoku Haki to extreme lengths.

He covers his entire arms, legs and even upper body with it, his body looks swollen to the point that it looks black from the hardening and corruption.

The hardening coat that is plastered on his body looks exactly like the firey patterns of a large burning fire.

These tattoos look incredibly intimidating to all of Luffy’s foes, and make him seem like a dangerous individual.

Other than these powerful assets, Luffy also grows much taller than his usual height, he ends up reaching a total of four meters in height. The part about this form that’s the funniest is that Luffy looks somewhat like a Titan from Attack on Titan.

He is large in size, and he consistently emits steam from his body; just like in Gear Second. The thing that makes Gear Fourth so powerful is that Luffy’s natural elasticity is combined with the size and explosive power of the Gear Fourth.

This gives his overall attack power a significant boost, and makes his defensive capabilities even higher than usual. Most attacks end up bouncing off of him, while most attacks he throws generate enough vibration to send his enemies skywards.