Sailor Moon Blogs

Original Sailor Moon
When was Sailor Moon made?
Sailor Moon or as it is known in Japan as “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon”, is one of the most iconic characters and series that have emerged from Japan. Sailor Moon is a famous Japanese icon, featured in many different manga […]
Sailor Moon Crystal
What is Sailor Moon Crystal?
Sailor Moon is one of the most iconic Japanese animated characters to exist. She’s known in Japan as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, after getting an anime that ran from 1992 to 1997; Toei animation decided to produce a brand new […]
Sailor Galaxia Sailor Moon
How does Sailor Moon finally end?
Sailor Moon is no doubt; one of the most popular and most iconic characters in the history of Japanese literature. She’s not just an icon for all women, especially young girls but she’s an incredibly well written character with a […]