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What Episode Was All Might VS All For One?
What Episode Was All Might VS All For One?
My Hero Academia has always had this incredible ability to surprise their fans. The series consistently manages to bring things to the table that no one would have expected, just like the final battle between All Might and All For […]
My Hero Academia Line Up
Who is the Number 3 Hero in My Hero Academia?
My Hero Academia’s heroes have a longstanding hierarchy. The original number one hero was All Might, and he served that role valiantly. However, once All Might lost his powers and became a sickly man; the duties were transferred to the […]
Where does My Hero Academia take place?
Where does My Hero Academia take place?
My Hero Academia has a weird world to say the least… This is a world filled to the brim with characters that have super-powers known as Quirks, but they are based in a more contemporary looking cityscape and environments. There […]
Who is the UA Traitor?
The traitor in UA arc had been one of the most confusing questions for many My Hero Academia fans for quite some time now. Now, this subplot has been a huge subject of controversy but there are a couple of […]
What year does My Hero Academia take place in?
What year does My Hero Academia take place in?
My Hero Academia is an anime that has gained worldwide attention and appreciation. That too, of course, for a very good reason, as the show has a wide variety of interesting characters, great animation, and splendid fights. However, unlike other […]
Shoto Todoroki
How old is Shoto Todoroki?
Shoto Todoroki is a fan favorite in the My Hero Academia universe. In the first season, he seemed like a cold and distant character however in the second season, he gets a lot more screen time and his stories are […]
How old is Toga My Hero Academia
How old is Toga?
Toga is definitely a member of the league of villains that stands out from the rest. It’s not only because she happily takes on fights like a psycho making her the Harley Quinn of my hero academia, but also because […]