How old is Aqua from KonoSuba?

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Aqua is one of the three main side characters in the Konosuba series.

Before her life in the land of Fantasy World, she was known primarily as the Goddess of water whose job was to guide humans into the afterlife.

Within the Fantasy World, she is worshipped by the Axis Order which lives in the Kingdom of Belzerg in a little place called Alcanretia.

Aqua is worshipped fanatically by her Axis Order followers, which gives her an innately high amount of Mana and makes her one of the most terrifying Goddesses in the Konosuba universe.

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So what is Aqua’s Age?

When it comes to Aqua’s age; she is far older in God years than she is in Fantasy World. Time in Heaven is much slower compared to our world, or even Fantasy World. In the fifth Volume of Konosuba, Aqua says that one month in Japan is an hour in Heaven. So, I did some math and I figured out that one day in Heaven is 24 months (aka 2 whole years) on Earth. This formula makes one year in heaven or a total of 365 days; a whopping 8,760 months 730 years her on earth.

So, in the same Manga she follows up by saying that she has lived a bit longer than Kazuma in terms of Earth years. Kazuma is age 16 at the beginning of Konosuba, which makes Aqua at least 17 years old in Earth Years. So, in Heaven or “The Afterlife”, Aqua will be at the very least; 1,240 years old.

Though, in the anime and the manga; we’ve seen Aqua drinking. While she might just be one of those rowdy teenagers that doesn’t care about Japan’s drinking laws which prohibit you from drinking until you’re 20 years old.

Regardless; I want to assume that Aqua decides to follow these laws and is 20 earth years old. Using the aforementioned mathematics, Aqua is around 14,600 years old in the Afterlife, while she’s 20 years old on Earth.

What is Aqua’s Backstory?

Before being reincarnated in Fantasy World as Kazuma’s cheat item. Aqua’s job was to convince the Japanese people to reincarnate themselves into Fantasy World. However, she was lazy and arrogant so she spent her time in Heaven reading manga and let Eris do all the work.

After she is brought down to Fantasy World from Heaven because of Kazuma’s usage of cheat items; the two of them begin to work at multiple jobs!

Aqua’s naivety and laziness often got them fired from wherever they got any work; however she was a great artist which made her excel in construction work. She designed some beautiful architecture.

What are Aqua’s Powers?

Aqua’s a Goddess, so her power is unlimited as long as she has an ample amount of followers. As mentioned before, the Axis Order worships her beyond all pedigree; thus giving her tons of Mana and spell power. She uses a staff, which will fly towards her just like Thor’s hammer from the Marvel movies. She has a divine relic; which is essentially just a translucent pink hagoromo which vanishes and appears depending on her will. She can fill this hagoromo with air, and use it as a floating cloud for her companions.
Her job as the Archpriest of the party makes the primary magical support of the team. Her job is to use her powers to assist her companions by curing status infliction and also in healing and reviving her fallen team mates.