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attack on titan what is in the basement
Attack on Titan – What is in the Basement?
Attack on Titan’s an extremely well written series, Hajime Isayama hasn’t left anything up for the viewers’ imaginations and has provided us with answers, foreshadowing and questions. One of these larger than life questions, for the entirety of the first […]
Attack on Titan Who is the beast titan
Who is the Beast Titan?
Attack on Titan is a series that consistently manages to subvert our expectations, after keeping us at the edge of our seats for a whole season worth of time. It’s not surprise that Hajime Isayama has been one of the […]
What are titan?
What are Titans in Attack on Titan?
Titans have been a terrifying force in the world of Paradis Island ever since Attack on Titan first came out. Whether it was the titans, the abnormals, the Colossal Titan who broke through Shiganshina’s gigantic Wall Maria, or the Armored […]
How old is captain levi
How old is Levi?
With Attack on Titan’s final season commencing its first part and only the last stretch remaining; everyone’s been living, breathing and sleeping AoT. This new season was such a mind-blowing change from its predecessors, that I honestly had no idea […]
Is Eren the strongest titan?
From the little talent-less and ambitious boy aiming to slaughter all the titans to a manipulative mastermind wielding the power of multiple titans, Erens’s character development was a treat to watch. However, as Shonen fans, we can’t help but wonder […]
Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1
How does Attack on Titan Final Season Part 1 End?
Attack on Titan is by far one of the most engaging, well written and well-made anime series of all time. Eren Yeager’s story has reached one of the most drastic tonal shifts that we’ve ever come to see in anime […]
Eren Titan
Who is the main character of Attack on Titan?
The story of Attack on titan revolves around three main characters, who are childhood friends. They are “Eren”, “Mikasa” and “Armin”. Their main goal is to defeat the titans who prey on humanity and make the human race seem like […]
Eren Titan
How did Eren become a Titan?
During the initial episode of the show, it’s revealed that the protagonist, Eren, can become a titan. However, it’s never initially revealed how did Eren become a titan. Throughout the show, we see several flashbacks, but non really confirming how […]