Sailor Moon Crystal

What is Sailor Moon Crystal?

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Sailor Moon is one of the most iconic Japanese animated characters to exist. She’s known in Japan as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, after getting an anime that ran from 1992 to 1997; Toei animation decided to produce a brand new series known as Sailor Moon Crystal. So, Sailor Moon Crystal is ­a 2014; original brand new animated series for Sailor Moon, which adapts the Shojo Manga series as an accurate adaptation. The series was created as a gift for all Sailor Moon fans on the original series’ 20th anniversary. The first two seasons were directed by Munehisa Sakai and the third season was directed by Chiaki Kon.

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What is the story of Sailor Moon Crystal?

Sailor Moon Crystal follows the main protagonist Usagi Tsukino, a beautiful young girl who obtains the power of the Sailor Moon; and becomes the titular heroine. Her search for Princess Serenity and the Silver Crystal is aided by other Sailor Guardian. The story is then divided into three different arcs; each following a different part in Sailor Moon’s story! Dark Kingdom, Black Moon and Death Busters are the three different arcs that Sailor Moon Crystal was separated by. It’s an extremely exciting series; and since Sailor Moon is such an anime icon, it just is an absolute must watch!

How many adaptations are there in the Sailor Moon Crystal Universe?

The first two seasons released two episodes each month, and this time around Toei Animation wasn’t going to mess around. Instead of respecting the 1992 series, Toei’s goal with Crystal was to reboot the Sailor Moon franchise as a faithful adaptation with much better looking visuals. There was a third season which released later on in April of 2016, up until June of 2016. This season was based on the Death Busters arc of the manga.
Afterwards, two sequel films were announced which would follow the Dream Arc from the original manga. The films were a two-part endeavor; called Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Eternal: The Movie which was released in 2021. The first part was released on January 8th and the second part was released soon after on February 11th.

Where can I watch Sailor Moon Crystal?

The first season was originally broadcasted on Niconico from July of 2014 to July of 2015. There was an advanced screening of the first episode to celebrate Usagi’s birthday on June of 30th in 2014. Later in May of that same year, Viz Media got the license for Sailor Moon Crystal’s English language release in North America; which was streamed on both Neon Alley and Hulu. Crunchyroll also got into the deal after making a separate licensing contract with Toei Animation.