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What Episode is Saitama VS Genos?
Ah yes, the shenanigans of the popular One Punch Man have indeed been the highlight of some of us’ anime favoritism. How could we not fall in love with a superhero who is literally tired of being a superhero, but […]
One Punch Man Saitama
Who made One Punch Man?
One Punch Man is one of the most popular, new franchises in Japanese popular culture. It began its run as a webcomic, and released the first chapter in July 2009. It got over 10 million views per day after release […]
who is blast
Who is Blast in One Punch Man?
Blast works for the Hero Association as an S-Class Rank 1 hero professionally. When there was no information about whom Saitama is who what his power is, Blast was considered to be the Hero Association’s most powerful hero in their […]