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Doflamingo One Piece
Which Episode Does Luffy Fight Doflamingo In?
What praises can we say about One Piece that haven’t already been said, the series has been going on for more than two decades at this point and has millions of fans in every single corner of the world. It […]
What Episode Does Luffy Use Gear Fourth?
What Episode Does Luffy Use Gear Fourth?
There is one thing about One Piece that most people are aware of, and that is the Gomu Gomu no Mi, also known as the Gear Fourth Techniques. Now, since One Piece has been running for more than two decades […]
What Episode Does Ace Die?
What Episode Does Ace Die?
Portgas D. Ace had been a huge part of the One Piece series, ever since it began, up until his death and even afterwards. His character mainly revolved around being an iconic idol to Luffy and Sabo, and the biological […]
Gol D. Roger
Who has the highest bounty in One Piece?
One Piece is one of the most popular anime series of all time, it’s been a long running series in both manga and anime. Now, since the series primarily features pirates as the main characters; they are hunted by the […]
Luffy One Piece
What is the D in One Piece?
One Piece is one of the longest running shows in anime history. It’s been going on since the 90s, and has transitioned into the 2020s. It’s an exciting, nostalgic and extremely long running series with hundreds of characters and even […]
How tall is Brook One Piece
How Tall is Brook?
One Piece is known to have a plethora of whacky characters; including the subject of this article, none other than The Soul King Brook. Brook is a fairly tall lad; in fact he is so tall that he almost managed […]
How old is luffy?
How old is Luffy?
If you are a One Piece fan, then you probably have a plethora of questions about Luffy. He is a weird character to say the least. Luffy is a goofy, headstrong and sincere guy but with a heart of gold […]
When does the timeskip happen in One Piece?
One Piece has been one of the longest running manga and anime series that this world has ever seen. It has been running since 1999, and he accumulated a total of 931 episodes so far. Throughout the series, Luffy and […]
When will One-piece end?
If you’re reading this, then there is a great chance that you’re probably a one-piece fan like myself, as this question has come into the mind of every one-piece fan. The truth of the matter is, no one really knows […]