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What Episode Does Gon Fight Pitou?
What Episode Does Gon Fight Pitou?
Hunter X Hunter is a series with a catalogue of memorable moments, while being a pretty long anime. This anime lasted for a while, going so far as to have a total of one hundred and forty eight episodes overall. […]
What Episode Does Naruto Meet His Father?
What Episode Does Naruto Meet His Father?
Let’s be completely honest; Naruto is a huge series with a ton of content to get through. However, despite all of the filler episodes, arcs and characters; there are some moments in the series that we just cannot forget. One […]
What Episode Does Luffy Use Gear Fourth?
What Episode Does Luffy Use Gear Fourth?
There is one thing about One Piece that most people are aware of, and that is the Gomu Gomu no Mi, also known as the Gear Fourth Techniques. Now, since One Piece has been running for more than two decades […]
What Episode Does Ace Die?
What Episode Does Ace Die?
Portgas D. Ace had been a huge part of the One Piece series, ever since it began, up until his death and even afterwards. His character mainly revolved around being an iconic idol to Luffy and Sabo, and the biological […]
How old is Aqua from KonoSuba?
Aqua is one of the three main side characters in the Konosuba series. Before her life in the land of Fantasy World, she was known primarily as the Goddess of water whose job was to guide humans into the afterlife. […]
Reiji Sword Art Online
Why do people hate Sword Art Online?
Sword Art Online is one of the most divisive anime that has ever released. It’s divisive not in the sense that half the people hate it and half like it, but in the sense that the internet has never had […]
Cowboy Bepop Movie
What time period does the Cowboy Bebop Movie take place?
Cowboy Bebop, a household name in the world of anime is a 1998 television series which features twenty-six episodes. The year is 2071, and Mars has become the futuristic Wild West. The series follows the adventures of Spike Siegel, and […]
Ghost in the Shell
What is a Ghost in Ghost in the Shell?
Ghost in the Shell or originally known as Mobile Armored Riot Police, is a very popular original manga that was written and illustrated by Masamune Shirow. The manga garnered a ton of attention on release, being one of the very […]
Original Sailor Moon
When was Sailor Moon made?
Sailor Moon or as it is known in Japan as “Pretty Soldier Sailor Moon”, is one of the most iconic characters and series that have emerged from Japan. Sailor Moon is a famous Japanese icon, featured in many different manga […]
Sailor Moon Crystal
What is Sailor Moon Crystal?
Sailor Moon is one of the most iconic Japanese animated characters to exist. She’s known in Japan as Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, after getting an anime that ran from 1992 to 1997; Toei animation decided to produce a brand new […]