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How tall is Brook One Piece
How Tall is Brook?
One Piece is known to have a plethora of whacky characters; including the subject of this article, none other than The Soul King Brook. Brook is a fairly tall lad; in fact he is so tall that he almost managed […]
Spike Cowboy Bebop
Who voices Spike in Cowboy Bebop?
Cowboy Bebop is one of the most popular anime series to ever exist. It’s not just popular in Japan itself, but is also a huge anime in the western parts of the world. The series follows the ragtag group of […]
One Punch Man Saitama
Who made One Punch Man?
One Punch Man is one of the most popular, new franchises in Japanese popular culture. It began its run as a webcomic, and released the first chapter in July 2009. It got over 10 million views per day after release […]
Lucy Elfen Lied
What does Elfen Lied mean?
Elfen Lied is a cult classic Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Lynn Okamoto. It originally began serialization in Shueisha’s popular Weekly Young Jump and had a total of 107 chapters. These chapters were later combined into a twelve […]
Attack on Titan Who is the beast titan
Who is the Beast Titan?
Attack on Titan is a series that consistently manages to subvert our expectations, after keeping us at the edge of our seats for a whole season worth of time. It’s not surprise that Hajime Isayama has been one of the […]
Sailor Galaxia Sailor Moon
How does Sailor Moon finally end?
Sailor Moon is no doubt; one of the most popular and most iconic characters in the history of Japanese literature. She’s not just an icon for all women, especially young girls but she’s an incredibly well written character with a […]
Death Note
What Happens at the end of Death Note?
Death Note is quite an incredible series. It’s a complex amalgamation of different characters, with basically the same goals as most normal people would have but are caught in a loop of too much power. The reason why Death Note […]
Where does My Hero Academia take place?
Where does My Hero Academia take place?
My Hero Academia has a weird world to say the least… This is a world filled to the brim with characters that have super-powers known as Quirks, but they are based in a more contemporary looking cityscape and environments. There […]
who is tobi
Who is Tobi?
Obito Uchiha was one of the members of the Konohagakure Uchiha clan. Everyone believed that Obito Uchiha had died during the Third Shinobi World War.The only legacy that Obito left behind was the sharingan that he left for his team […]
who is blast
Who is Blast in One Punch Man?
Blast works for the Hero Association as an S-Class Rank 1 hero professionally. When there was no information about whom Saitama is who what his power is, Blast was considered to be the Hero Association’s most powerful hero in their […]