What Episode does Sasuke get his Rinnengan?

What Episode does Sasuke get his Rinnengan?

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If there is one thing that we know about characters in Naruto shippuden, it’s that these characters can acquire many skills over the time that they progress as characters and as people.

These skills can be anything from survival instincts, types of Jutsu, Ways in which they mature, and just being better ninjas overall. One of such characters is Sasuke Uchiha, who has gone through many different phases throughout the series.

The one thing that most people can remember about him, is that he has something called “The Wheel Eye” which is more commonly also known as the Rinnengan. The Rinnengan is a powerful tool that Sasuke uses to his benefit.

So, the question remains how did Sasuke come to find such a powerful tool within himself and how does he use it? Not to mention; what episode did he get the Rinnengan in? Let’s figure it out!

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What Episode did Sasuke get the Rinnengan?

Sasuke acquired his powerful Rinnengan eye For the very first time in the Naruto Shippuden episode number 424.

The episode was very particularly titled as “To Rise Up”. This episode had a huge build up and it led to a hype moment which gave Sasuke the Rinnengan.

How did Sasuke get the Rinnengan?

Sasuke gets stabbed, Madara uses his Rinnengan eye to pierce through Sasuke’s body and almost completely kills him.

However, a portal opens up and takes Sasuke’s spirit inside of itself where he is met by none other paths the Sage of Six Paths.

To save Sasuke’s life, the Sage gives Sasuke half of his power known as the yin half the chakra of the eternal Mangekyō Sharingan.

Now that his chakra reserves and overall power levels were sophisticatedly larger than ever before, Sasuke was ready to receive a much greater power.

This is when he is bestowed the Rinnengan Within his left eye. Afterwards, he is healed by Kabuto and wakes up to join the battle once again.

How did Sasuke use the Rinnengan?

Since he is an Uchiha, Sasuke was able to manifest the Rinnegnan Eye with the blessings of the great Hagoromo Uchiha himself. Sasuke uses his eye to great effect, bringing it out in every situation that he needs it in without over-using or abusing his power.

His Rinnengan is different, as it contains three Tomoe circles around his iris, making a total of 6 Tomoe circles. Sasuke’s Rinnegnan brings much more than just it’s own power, gis Eternal Mangekyō Sharingan is still intact as well as his Rinnengan powers are there.

Making him the most powerful Dōjutsu user in the world. He uses his eye with great effect during and after the Shinobi wars.

However, if the chakra reserves fall to a lower level then the eye loses three of its tiny circles. Making Sasuke’s powers normal just like any other Dojutsu user.

What is the Rinnengan?

The Rinnengan, in simpler terms stands for The Wheel Eye and in direct origin is Samsara’s Eye. The Rinnengan Is the most powerful, and the most commendable eye out of all Three Great Dōjutsu.

It has a violet or purple colour in appearance, it can also be denoted by tiny circles that are surfaced around the eyeballs while it is in use. Sasuke’s Rinnengan was a proper blessing from the great Hagoromo himself, in a sense Sasuke is the successor of Hagoromo.