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Naruto The Last Movie
How many Naruto movies are there?
Naruto is a humongous franchise. The series stretches on for 72 manga volumes, meaning there is so much content that it went on for years. Naruto also received a ton of OVA and movies, which is essentially either spin-off content […]
Naruto Sage Mode
When does Naruto learn Sage mode?
Sage Mode has got to be the most powerful skill that Naruto has learned in the series. It’s so strong, it gives him enough power to literally demolish everything in his sights. So, when did he actually learn it? Well, […]
Naruto Chunin
When does Naruto become a Chunin?
Naruto has always been an ambitious little hero, straight from the very beginning of the series. His dreams have always been to reach Chunin, then Jounin and then Hokage status as fast as he can and as soon as he […]
Naruto Run
What is a Naruto run?
Any runner will tell you throwing your arms to the side while running bent forwards is not an efficient running method. However anime and manga seem to disagree! In this article, we’re going to try and understand why this running […]
When does Naruto fight pain?
The fight between Naruto and Pain is still to this day considered one of the most iconic moments in the history of not just Naruto, but all anime. The fight was a conclusion to one of the largest going feuds […]
Why does Naruto have Whiskers?
Whether you’re getting into Naruto or have been a long-term fan, chances are you’ve asked yourself at least once that “why does Naruto have whiskers?”. Chances are, the question came to your mind, and you never really bothered with it […]
Who does Naruto marry
Who does Naruto marry?
Even the most action-packed Shonen anime always has some room for romance, and Naruto is no exception. Despite the central story revolving around a boy who wishes to become Hokage, it’s very clear early on that romance would be an […]
How Tall Is Naruto
How Tall is Naruto?
This is a question that doesn’t really have a straight answer. Do you want to know how tall he is in the original Naruto series, or is it in the Naruto Shippuden series, maybe you wish to know how tall […]
How old is Naruto?
How old is Naruto?
Naruto has been featured as the main protagonist in two series named as “Naruto” and “Naruto Shippuden” There is a three-year time gap between the two series, so it’s pretty obvious to say that the complete question isn’t “how old […]
How does Naruto die?
This is a question that has been popping up on the internet ever since the release of Boruto. The first reason for it being is that Naruto is no longer the main character, so he can be killed. The real […]